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My homeowners association has limited rental restrictions in our complex. I have lived there for 10 years. I bought in 2005 and am upside down in my mortgage. I am a young, single female, college graduate. I am wondering how I can get around this rent restriction if say, I should marry and move away, or if I should find a job out of state.
Homebuyers might want to keep a close eye on mortgage interest rates.
Millennials who are paying high rent and making student loan payments might find it daunting to save to buy a house. For some, it’s impossible. Others might be able to do it if they have the discipline to set aside money rather than spend it.
Rental rates are rising across the Las Vegas Valley. The southwest portion has seen the biggest increase of nearly $100 followed by the southeast at $86, according to a report by Las Vegas-based Applied Analysis.
Interest rates on mortgages were mostly unchanged this week as markets anticipate the Federal Reserve”;s upcoming policy-setting meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.