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Housing affordability decreased

The cost of the median-priced house in Las Vegas is taking a higher and higher percentage of people’s income, making homes harder to buy while pushing some families to jump into the market sooner for fear of being priced out.

Resale Home Sales List - FEb. 19-25

Editor’s note: Listings include the resale home’s parcel number. Occasionally, the address listed is the homebuyer’s mailing address and not the actual location of the home. Check the parcel number to make sure. Also, a few transactions do not reflect the market value of the homes.

Roundup of proposed state HOA bills

Over the past two plus weeks, I have been bombarded with many proposed homeowners association laws. Unfortunately, the dates for the hearings to testify on these bills keep changing, so it’s difficult to know “who’s on first.”

It can be difficult to stop the foreclosure process

Q: My son recently had his house foreclosed and sold at auction. He had been unable to make payments due to physical disability, but just in time, he received a Social Security disability award including back payments in a lump sum. The week before the auction, he and I were both in contact with the mortgage company offering to pay all back payments in cash, but they never got back to us.

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