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Years ago we used the bank’s money to buy houses. Think of interest as a sort of rent you’ve been paying in return for the use of their money. If you moved out of an apartment you wouldn’t expect the landlord to return all the rent you’d paid in the past. You got something in return: the use of the apartment. And the bank won’t return the money you paid in interest.
If you have a security service or a towing company, the association should authorize security or the towing company to tag the guests’ vehicles that have expired plates.
Despite a tight housing supply, more existing homes are selling in Southern Nevada.
Even as the benchmark mortgage rate remains below 4 percent for the 36th week in a row, it’s still hard to find a brand-new house to buy.
As Las Vegas homebuyers are likely to notice, often the most affordable homes on the market aren’t single-family homes — they are condo units. Complete with cheaper price points and typically with more community amenities, a change in federal law also could make buying a unit much easier.
It’s never worth spending a dollar just to get 28 cents back. That’s more or less what you’re doing when you make mortgage payments and then take a deduction on your tax return.
Q: I really enjoyed your article about accommodations for the disabled on Sept. 4. As a member of a homeowners association (in an age-qualified) community, I have an additional question.
Put yourself in the mortgage lender’s shoes: Before giving someone a big loan, wouldn’t you want to know a lot about the borrower? Expect your mortgage application to ask these questions about your income, credit history, the home you want to buy, how much money you have saved and more.
The most popular mortgage rose to its highest level since late June, after stalling for a month and a half near a record low.